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Huangshan Baiyun Hotel is located under Guangming top, in front of Lianhua peak, between Aoyu peak and Xihai Grand Canyon peaks. It is a hotel close to Guangming top. It is hidden in green mountains and green pines. The breeze and clouds are looming. The tiktok train is about 5 minutes away from the hotel.
The hotel has a variety of rooms for you to choose from, with geothermal heating facilities, awning style restaurant, food street, intelligent hotel management system, rooms equipped with Wrigley intelligent toilet, slim blue mattress, mountain carpet, wisdom, family, romantic, warm captured the hearts of millions of people.
The hotel's golden housekeeper like family service and good reputation have won countless thousands of words of praise. Family love has broken millions of people's tears and moved people for life. The hotel shows the essence of the thousand year old Huizhou culture, and the large-scale folk performance of 'impression of the sky and the sea, unforgettable of the white clouds', including dragon dance, lion dance, Huangmei Opera, and noisy gongs and drums.
The hotel has the landscape of all elements of natural gardens, surrounded by many scenic spots, such as Guangmingding, lianhuafeng, haixinting, baiyunxi, buxianqiao, Yunshan Buddha wall, Xihai grand canyon cliff trail, etc. In 200 years of spring dawn, the ancient cherry trees are towering, the flowers are gorgeous, and the flowing water is murmuring. In 300 years of autumn Eve, the Buddha wall is covered with gold, the red leaves are dyed, and the sea of clouds is boundless. It is quite the remote artistic conception of 'far up the cold mountain, the stone path is slanting, and there are people in the depths of the white clouds' in Du Mu's poems.
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FAQs when booking at Huangshan Baiyun Hotel
  • Is the hotel on the top of the mountain?

    The hotel is located on the top of Huangshan Mountain. You can only take the climbing ropeway or walk uphill. The ropeway is open every day from 07: 30-16: 00.

  • How far is the hotel from Huangshan Airport?

    Huangshan Baiyun Hotel is 46.2km from the airport.

  • Does Huangshan Baiyun Hotel offer airport shuttle service?

    No, the hotel does not offer airport shuttle service.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Huangshan Baiyun Hotel?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Huangshan Baiyun Hotel.

  • Does Huangshan Baiyun Hotel have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Huangshan Baiyun Hotel have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Huangshan Baiyun Hotel offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Huangshan Baiyun Hotel accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Huangshan Baiyun Hotel accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Huangshan Baiyun Hotel?

    Each costs cny68 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Huangshan Baiyun Hotel?

    The room prices is from cny1140, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

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  • Yoko ^ ^
    I live in a new building. I feel that the price of 700 is good value for money! The room is very clean, the bedding is very comfortable, and there are two cotton padded clothes to wear in the room, which is very clean. The bathroom is equipped with a hair dryer. If you don't have this, you can't wash your hair in the mountains. Praise one.
  • a-guang
    The hotel is very big, the rooms are very clean and the facilities are very good. Because it is in the off-season to Huangshan Tourism, the price is OK, not very expensive, after all, it is in the mountains. The service staff of the hotel also have a good working attitude.
  • Aaa1834997
    The Japanese style room is very comfortable, the heating is good, the hot water is big!
  • aabei_nj
    It's OK. The location is good and the price is expensive, but I can't help it,
  • amany2009
    Superior geographical location, close to Guangming top. The room and catering are average.
  • RLT32X3
    Recently in the decoration, the exterior wall is a little messy! The room is not big, the internal facilities are complete, and it is a little old
  • e01402035
    Very good
  • jiawei1023
    If you finish climbing Huangshan, you won't think things are expensive. The room is not big, but the facilities are complete. Compared with Li Keng in Wuyuan, it is much more cost-effective. There is no worse place than Li Keng. Tickets, accommodation and food are very expensive.
  • flyingddd
    The hotel room service is average. It's located under the Guangming roof. It's very tired to climb up and down. The biggest harvest is that the girls in the same room are very good. They travel to the Grand Canyon together. This is the biggest harvest ~
  • ignatins
    I climbed the Tiandu peak with my children the first day before. I stayed at Baiyun Hotel in the evening. The next day I went to Guangming top, feilaishi, turned back to Baiyun Hotel, took the West Sea Grand Canyon and went down the back mountain ropeway. It was a very suitable time to go to Baiyun Hotel at 18.30. It was suitable for climbing for a day. The facilities were very complete. The conditions on the mountain were good. My son also saw the runner on Friday
  • elu140
    No air conditioning!! No air conditioning!! No air conditioning!!
  • sxw285820025
    A room with a view!!! The geographical location is very good. You have your reason. I recommend it! PS: Although the room facilities are not new, they are clean and tidy. People pick things up the mountain. It's really not easy and hard!!
  • beardaddy27
    Because the hotel is near the bright top, it may have a superior location. When you plan to live on the top of the mountain, you have psychological preparation for the hotel price. You don't expect too much for the hotel facilities in the scenic spot on the top of the mountain, so you think it's ok. You should have everything. You actually have a shower mop. You think it's a bright spot. Only one-time paper mop has lived at the foot of the mountain. The hotel check-in is in one building and the room is in another building. It's a little far away. It's hard for friends who have difficulty climbing to the top of the mountain. Personally, I think it's OK. The food in the hotel is very expensive, but because it's a mountain scenic spot, it's understandable that everything is picked up by mountain porters, but the food is OK, Another ordinary climber will stay for one night, so accept it. After walking through the scenic spots behind, I really feel that the price on Huangshan is not a pit
  • agings
    Huangshan peak, the surrounding environment is very good, very close to Guangming peak
  • asigu
    It's really an old hotel. It's worth the money. You must book here when you travel to Huangshan. It will let you take the most relaxed and classic tour route!
  • pipifeifei
    After all, the location is good... The price will not be cheap... But the bed is very good... I really like it
  • xiyang19920219
    just so so!
  • lucent_boy
    I live in eight rooms. It's clean. Booking in advance for the holiday is more than half cheaper. It's still very cost-effective
  • doudou0128
    It's a good price in the mountains. After all, when you go, you just fall asleep
  • andywang517
    The environment is really good. You can see the sunset just outside the store. It's closer to see the sunrise from the top of Guangming. Breakfast buffet is less variety, the price is really expensive!
  • defty
    The location is very superior ~ it's not far from Guangmingding ~ it rained that day ~ it was wet when I arrived at the hotel ~ as soon as I arrived at the door of the hotel, the security guard fiercely asked me to take off my raincoat to get in ~ the room facilities are good, after all, it's on the mountain ~ electric heating, electric kettle and sandals are very practical ~ the environment is good ~ the weekend price is a little high
  • belinda_meng
    It's more inconvenient on the mountain than at the foot. When climbing the mountain, I saw the porters carrying the changed sheets. I thought they were very hard. I don't think it's that expensive.
  • dowson
    The accommodation conditions are fairly good. The main location is good and it is convenient to see the sunrise
  • alvin_evans_lee
    Many people share a room, and the conditions are the same. It seems that they have returned to their school days, so they can sleep one night at will. The purpose is to watch the sunrise
  • beinglin55
    not bad
  • yomeo
    It's a good environment. It's fast from Guangming peak. Compared with the peak, it's quite good, and the price is acceptable
  • mwb8888
    Hotel facilities are sloppy because they are on the mountain. Average service level
  • ai0113
    Not bad
  • mixueer9964
    Black toothpaste and toothbrush are also charged
  • super meow
    It's OK. I booked six rooms, but why should I be told that the room is full the next day when I book a limited time special offer? Is this just a gimmick, but if it's a gimmick, why can I book a limited time special offer room every time I log in? In short, I booked it three times before I can book a standard room. On the whole, the service and health of Baiyun Hotel are good. It takes about half an hour to get there after climbing the Guangming top and going down the mountain, but it's also convenient to see the sunrise and sunset.
  • Cary0218
    Expensive but not worth it
  • E02110188
    The hotel is an old building, but the sheets and quilt covers are still very clean. The consumption on the mountain is very expensive. However, looking at the back of the porter carrying food up the mountain, I really think it's worth it. It's rare to see the sunset in bad weather.
  • babyface0212
    From the top of the light, we'll be there soon. It's in a good position. The 8 people I live in are in average health condition. They don't give room cards. After waiting for a long time, the staff came to open the door. They weren't very enthusiastic. They looked like they couldn't live. After climbing the mountain all day, I was very tired and soon fell asleep.
  • inert luo
    The top of Huangshan is cost-effective. The cabin is good ~ didn't eat ~ clean ~ I climbed up from the back mountain. After passing the Guangming top, I went down and walked for 15 minutes, but it took 30 minutes to climb to the top of the mountain~
  • Emily1020
    The standard room of Japanese style wooden house is very special. The four-star standard of shanshang is very good and warm. The food of Baiyun Hotel is also very good. Although the price is high, shanshang can understand and the price is acceptable. I must praise it
  • brainstorm001
    The hotel on the top of the mountain has hot water and the bed is clean. It's very good. It's highly praised
  • sanrenxing2012
    Next time you come, you will choose to stay in Baiyun Hotel. The location of the hotel is better. If you go up the mountain in front of you, it's a wise choice to stay here. Starting from Baiyun Hotel, you can go to Guangmingding to watch the sunrise, 500 meters. After watching the sunrise, you can choose to go to Xihai Grand Canyon, feilaishi, paiyunting, and go to the North Sea. Don't think the accommodation is very advanced, because in the mountains, it is relatively clean.
  • gguanggun
    All rooms with this price on the mountain are shared rooms. It looks good on the whole. Maybe there are few staff or some other reason. The bedding is not particularly clean. It's OK to make do with sleeping. After all, the market price of a standard room has to be 1400 ~
  • e00180007
    Poor service attitude!
  • e03428556
    Not satisfied. I can't even go to the toilet because there's no water to draw the toilet
  • ldm719
  • ours_0810
    The location is very good
  • argil
    For the first time, I stayed in many people on the top of the mountain. I didn't expect that there was hot water on the mountain to take a bath. It was too unexpected. It seems that Huangshan is really a mature scenic spot. The geographical location is good, and there is heating. The overall feeling is good, which is worth recommending.
  • e04385618
    It's cheap to live in high and low shops in the mountains. You can also get to know some donkey friends and communicate with them. It's very good for people who don't have high requirements. It's very cost-effective
  • anderliev
    Four star hotel, no star facilities
  • wss12345
    The room is warm enough and comfortable. And watch TV. Hot water is enough. But everyone goes to bed early and gets up early.
  • giraffe
    5 high and low bunks, 10 people. The bathroom is still dirty and the door can't be closed. The location is good. It's very close to Guangming top. Watching the sunrise is a good choice.
  • Raymond Tang
    It's much more convenient to live on the mountain ~ see the beautiful sunrise and sunset. The room provides warm clothes, which is very good
  • cymml
    The location is very good. It is very close to the upper station of Xihai Grand Canyon Railway Station, Guangming top, feilaishi and Aoyu peak! The standard room of the new building didn't say! Price? After all, it's on the mountain. It's OK. The food in the restaurant on the first floor is good! The price is also OK. The set meal is 128 yuan per person. The children like the complimentary breakfast! The food in Tianhai square is terrible! There is no place to complain, only with the help of Baodi! Overall, the new building is really good! Praise one!
  • paddy
    Nine people, nothing, just sleep. There is hot water
  • e00075371
    Many times, very good.
  • SWF sharp
    Huangshan is good, but it's a little expensive. It's convenient to watch sunrise and sunset. The staff's service is average, and they may not worry about living.
  • eeeeev
    OK, Xiao Gui
  • boyi0819
    The hotel on the mountain can't ask too much. There is a bed and hot water.
  • Camilla
    I went to the Dragon Boat Festival, so the bed of 8 people is 300RMB; Location: it's very good. I just climbed the mountain one day and arrived at night. It's near Guangmingding. It's convenient to watch the sunrise the next day (although it's raining, I don't see anything); Facilities: high and low beds, a little wet bedding, shared bathroom, at least can take a hot bath, few sockets are not enough, the downstairs store is very expensive; Service: almost no service; Hygiene: the toilet baskets are piled up to death, the toilet seat is full of excrement (of course, it has a lot to do with the quality of the guests), and someone smokes indoors
  • easyue
    Building 2 is still a step away from the main building. After walking up the mountain and Tiandu peak, I feel that this road is very tiring. Compared with other hotels, Baiyun's catering has the highest cost performance
  • justmeteora
    Just off-season, the bed room environment is not bad, the price of the peak has been satisfied, the location is near Guangmingding, it is very convenient to watch the sunrise in the morning
  • aladi
    Overall, it's pretty good. It's still very clean. It's just that I didn't wear a toothbrush. It's a little inconvenient. Hot water bath is good, air conditioning is good.
  • JessiaWu
    *罒▽ 罒*
  • bluesword515
    The location is good. It is convenient to go to Guangming top, Aoyu back and Buxian bridge. The facilities and services are very general. Eating is expensive. I have no other choice when I go there. Some eat well after a tired day. A diced chicken with nuts, a shredded pork with fish flavor, an eggplant, a bowl of hot and sour soup and a bowl of rice are 307 yuan for four people. The meal in the opposite restaurant is 65 yuan. It's almost the same by comparison.
  • ldismyid
    The Japanese wooden house is good, but there are no toiletries, shower gel and shampoo in the room.
  • aisiya
    Among 8 people, except for the superior location, the sanitation, facilities and services are not as good as Xihai villa.
  • bluewave
    The room is great. It's 10 minutes away from Guangming top. It's very convenient. Living on the top floor, the scenery outside the window is beautiful.
  • LILY0206
    not so bad
  • j06210233
    Environment bu'cuo
  • congrongyanmu
    The hotel stinks. It's robbery to charge so much money
  • ice_t
    Not bad. I'll check in next time
  • catrina00
    Very good! Clean and tidy
  • cubbie
    Higher than expected, there are hot water and boiling kettle, eight mistakes and eight mistakes
  • xwf1977
    Two years ago, I lived in Baiyun wooden house. The room felt very clean. This time, I couldn't bear the standard room with the same price. When I went to sleep at night, I found that there were foreign bodies in the quilt. The black ones might be insects or garbage. I didn't find them after I kicked them off too late. I had to squeeze two people into one bed to sleep. I couldn't sleep at all. The quilt was too dirty and itchy, Besides, the washstand in the bathroom is the same as the one that hasn't been cleaned. Although it's on the mountain, the price is not cheap. The sanitation is so poor that it can't be compared with Xihai. Buffet is not as delicious as Xihai. Don't be proud of your good location. Also want to change a Chaoyang room, the front desk miss is not willing to, the buffet hungry to eat more miss Let the side chef has been watching, ha ha. I'm not going to live again.
  • Benlee2010
    For hotels in the mountains, this is quite good. Unfortunately, there is no toothpaste and toothbrush in the shop.
  • badboy
    It's a good idea to add one. It's just that not everyone has a room card. It's troublesome. By the way, the attitude of the service staff was very good. Very enthusiastic. Sometimes there is no hot water
  • fatcoco
    Tongpu met a wonderful old woman in Shanghai and didn't sleep all night
  • lypluo
    With drying equipment, we went up the mountain in the rain and got wet. Fortunately, we can do drying. The room is not big, but it feels very comfortable.
  • abaoorange
    The surrounding environment of the hotel is beautiful, close to Guangming top, which is convenient to watch sunrise and sunset, and it is also convenient to go to Xihai Grand Canyon
  • enter8848
    The hotel is close to Guangmingding. It's the only choice for those who want to see the sunrise. Although the price is high enough, if they are lucky enough to see the sunrise, they think everything is worth it. The hotel has a warm down jacket and an electric heater. It's very warm. Although the room is small, it can't be too demanding to live on the top of the mountain. The hot water is very good
  • daysdays
    The best place to spend the night on a two-day trip
  • avocado
    Although the price of the food in the hotel is high, it is OK. 8 human conditions are OK
  • tangxp77