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The Baiyun Hotel (Baiyun Binguan) is located in the Tianhai Scenic Area of Huang Shan,  China's famous "Yellow Mountain". Surrounded by soaring peaks and wistful pines,  this mountaintop hotel backs onto Bright Summit,  one of the best spots to witness the majestic sight of the sun rising over the misty mountains. It's a sight that is well worth the early start,  and the morning chill is alleviated by thick down jackets available to all guests.[View Detail]

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  • sunspot
    In General, you have no choice
  • casumy2006
    Location is very good, condition! no service at all!
  • snowman533
    Nice. foreigners do not want to suffer the lazy bed. window to see the photos.
  • coco22
    It is fine
  • Agnes318
    Hotel location very good is the forgotten toiletries to Huangshan's friends for the first time to remember
  • baiyunone6
    Which is very nice
  • enjel
    Good location, convenient to the light to see the Sunrise, next to the food court on relatively cheap.
  • gavin12150551
    Room is a little small, but overall pretty good
  • aisiya
    8 rooms, location advantage, health, infrastructure, the service is not as good as the West Sea resort.
  • danny_no
    A little bit expensive, it's not convenient. feel allright
  • tanpei
    Price of your
  • annieyang
    In that environment, is good, but too many bugs, may be related to more trees around, because there is no air conditioning, after you close the window very hot.
  • tangjie850319
    Hotel beneath the light top 500 metres, watching the Sunrise is very convenient, this time caught up with rare clouds West of the Grand Canyon, United States
  • lilise
    See has many reviews decided set of clouds hotel. location absolute is is good of, away from light top is near. roundtrip is convenient. first days climbed Hou mountain, to has clouds Basic is four points more has. rest about on can to see sunset has. Although is more room, but to mountain Shang of conditions for, I personal also is satisfaction of. at least is belongs to price can accept of. but sleep have good bad will see roommate with of people has, this is random of has. I that House several people are also pretty quiet of... Slept pretty well, getting along than caring time.
  • samwu0805
    Poor pushed, they don't expect anything
  • suojingyan2005
    Not bad! is better than you think, and be clean!
  • alice0202
    Since the choice of accommodation in the mountains, what have to rough it. Although it is more room, but sleeping is still relatively comfortable at ease.
  • mcm127
    Change from clouds to the clouds building, room smell was heavy, 8:30 clock to the hotel, and the receptionist said to check until 10:30, in hotel lobbies, and seeing someone staying at the gas
  • gweni
    Hotel facilities can, the surrounding environment are also good, is easy to eat, buffet only, not as the West Sea Hotel ready to order
  • ArielLau
    Staff friendly, scenic hotel while the price is high but acceptable, praise!
    In time for the Mid-Autumn Festival with the national day period, price also happens in between holidays, normally, such high mountains, providing clean beds, hot hot bath was satisfaction enough! but was not equipped with bathing products, mountain covered with sweat, is incapable of carrying extra set of clothing, so wash and no shower gel and shampoo it bums. WIFI signal is not very good, speed-slow sometimes. Baiyun Hotel food was very expensive, have to eat next toThe food court to eat will be slightly cheaper, considering picked Hill's hard work, the prices are still quite reasonable.
  • mattie
    Nice, neat and clean,
  • Lynn121
    History Shang live have worst of hotel, no one of. found good several cockroaches, slippers are is bad of. most bad of is boss only understand pit we of money, help we set of tickets than others are your, Hong children don't votes also received we money, tours master pulled we to buy tea of shop, we not to on good fierce, afternoon to Hong tours said both Department business car, money received has on sent a Department is scrap of 11 seat broken car to we. hope you don't was other fake of comments flickers, must must notYou want to stay in this.
  • lynnyanlin
    Although the room was small, but in such a high place, but also easy, hanging on the wall in the room in soft machine, useful
  • Gingercat
    Hotel is on a hill, the terms and prices not in proportion
  • CyberLiu
    The good old.
  • decade123
    Hotel facilities, hotel requirements are not too high in the mountain, eat something in the yard watching the stars at night, very cool
  • bonyyo
    High season price on your
  • giraffe
    Level 5, and 10 persons ... bathroom was very dirty, the door is not shut. location is not bad from the light very close, watching the Sunrise is a good choice.
  • vantlee
    Very nice, the facility is complete enough, understandably, to rely on people's back up the Hill.
  • naonao3210
    Very good, thanks to the room down, at the top didn't freeze into a sculpture of light.
  • aliaosa
    Service was very good, from light top 15 minutes walk, nice, the breakfast buffet variety, dorm conditions are too general, but much more than 170, we cannot ask for more ~~~~~~~~~ to see the Sunrise a good choice, poor tour recommendations
  • foundmount
    Too bad
  • Lara sunshine
    Light top, and restaurants
  • Destiny1127
    Compact cabins, daughter very happy, there is accommodation on the mountain has been quite satisfied with the
  • feiwen9437
    Location is very convenient
  • e00102213
    More expensive during the holidays, House no cupboard items, valuables to your body.
  • caesarpaul
    Hotel in front of the yellow mountain, the mountain road to inevitable, go back to the hotel after the xihai Grand Canyon is easy
  • foremiya
    The solo trip for one night on the mountain is enough and fair price.
  • jassie0903
    In Huangshan central location, transportation is very convenient.
  • joyanu
    Hotel provides two pieces free of down jacket, no one-time wash nursing supplies, room very warm. but location Shang, if Hou mountain came mountain Xia is said to have select row cloud Pavilion Hotel more reasonable, if with clouds Hotel almost location words more recommended 'light top' hotel, out on can see sunrise sunset, and hardware compared new, after all clouds Hotel go to light top a back and forth is many steps is tired of.
  • fiona10
    Nice is the room small
  • tongtonglll
    Convenience, Sunrise is especially convenient, down jacket
  • good_bean
    The mountain hotel in the best location of, Baiyun hotel is located in the sea scenic area in Huangshan scenic area, Huangshan light about 300 meters under roof, is connected before the yellow mountain, the mountain must pass through, easy access to the Huangshan Xin Jing (Grand Canyon West), is the hotel's good expensive food, but because it is the peak area, everything is picking workers pick up the mountain is understandable.
  • luluvv
    Rather disappointing, 8 beds, itself bad entrance into the room, bed linen not believed to be replaced.
  • ljf218
    Main building 150 metres from environment
  • Saffron
    Rooms small, others are good
  • andygao2008
    Many pigs too painful
  • imteatea
    Location, room facilities are very good, health is also good, service or bath water is not hot.