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The Baiyun Hotel (Baiyun Binguan) is located in the Tianhai Scenic Area of Huang Shan,  China's famous "Yellow Mountain". Surrounded by soaring peaks and wistful pines,  this mountaintop hotel backs onto Bright Summit,  one of the best spots to witness the majestic sight of the sun rising over the misty mountains. It's a sight that is well worth the early start,  and the morning chill is alleviated by thick down jackets available to all guests.[View Detail]

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  • celine2261
    Overall not bad he lived before and recommend the girlfriend's parents lived, although they may not be used, but, after all, is the top of the mountain, a price of goods
  • e04434076
  • Jessica851231
    Rooms at the feel good to live for the first time this hotel is fine
  • e00778415
    There is a snoring roommate, didn't sleep the whole night.: no way, nice
  • grr77
    Room was very good, break to catch up with the Huangshan mountain rain clothes are wet, luckily the hotel heater, night clothes to dry, was bar-hotel has 3 buildings, we live on the 1th floor, away from the main building is a little distance, but from the West Sea cable car directly to the door, pretty good.
  • FloraXu
    Once upon a hill the celestial capital peak, clouds, very good!
  • Once More
    Deng Huangshan not go back, live clouds is good of select, and West Grand Canyon of tramway on in Hotel behind, is convenient. Hotel dinner buffet 1281 bit, taste how not said has, I was eat out has fried cooked of flies! Cabinet in of alternate quilt too dirty has, make have full housing smelly feet taste, wants to wants to quilt cover are is pick mountain workers a Dan Dan pick up of, endure has!
  • tulipop
    Conditions on the mountain are also acceptable at the time that you can't take a shower when not found when you can wash very well that my roommate has a lot of children a bit noisy
  • joyce_G
    Scenic Center, comforts and facilities on the 1th floor old but OK. the mountain top mountain road, it is best to live here.
  • clind
    Location very good, morning from cloud Valley Temple ropeway mountain, go shixin then go North Sea, passing light top again go 10 a few minutes Bell to clouds hotel, about noon. lunch (dinner with) hotel within self 158 Yuan per person, or hotel door 65 Yuan four dish a soup, then back light top, again go West Grand Canyon, to bottom sat sightseeing tramway direct clouds hotel, eat dinner rest. second days early see Sunrise, Qian mountain down.
  • e00379094
    Shower water is very big, hot water is also very stable, in the mountain there is a hairdryer, climbing the sweating, this is the most satisfying, just feel the room less
  • Lily19670321
    Not satisfied with the
  • stone636
    Garbage in the garbage, an eight-bed room, a 260, hair dryers takes about 15 Yuan, TV remote deposit 100, what is money. the next campaign down rather than live here.
  • e01001004
    Might as well train sleeper
  • ranranyang96
    Conditions are tough, getting started with a musty smell!
  • y86852128
    Very nice hotel very good hotel very good hotel
  • e00230389
    From the light very close, watching the sunset and Sunrise are very convenient, climb a slope, go after getting off the xihai Grand Canyon, you can directly take the track back to near the Baiyun hotel.
  • amanda07232
    Away from light top about walk 10 a few minutes Bell, many floor, to of room like is half basement of, but bedding bed products is dry of, also has electric heating, can baking was rain soaked of shoes, bath water is hot, this very good, in climbing tired of half of situation Xia can wash a hot bath, cover Shang dry of bedding is is happiness of things, rare mountain Shang TV channel also many, signal than soup mouth of also clear
  • flyingddd
    Hotel room service, and position beneath the light top, climb up and down so tired, the biggest harvest was a good roommate girls hanging tour the Grand Canyon, which is the largest harvest-
  • e00039996
    Baiyun hotel room clean, service good, buffet and a la carte restaurant taste is good, price is reasonable in the mountain! from the light very close, watching the Sunrise is very convenient, but be sure to get up early!
  • Jason58
    Good location, room bathroom for money
  • bbbwei
    Well, 2 Lady very happy.
  • y1984y01
    Triple squeeze, but breakfast is not included, to pay 68 Yuan per person.
  • Bilinda
    Never lived, makes my blood boil
  • frogman007
    Hotel is OK, but the facilities are too simple, even the most basic toiletries are not provided. performance poor. fart there were too many bugs in the room, in the hope of trying to solve.
  • bluedield
    1, Baiyun hotel is Hotel, surroundings, facilities and service was first class, especially free down jacket, umbrella, surf the Internet, life support equipment and supplies such as simple tourist map of Huangshan, worthy of praise! 2, it is recommended that; then add service.; free disposable poncho, crutches and other services (in the free service on products, add our or third party advertising and content), and online free at the hotel-related serviceFacilities and emergency supplies, such as annotations, highlights of innovative services to add your hotel, and other hotel on the Hill to implement differentiated services to customers, hotels are a win-win initiative. can try Oh. To experience the quality service of Baiyun hotel again next time, hope that there's not the same feeling, Oh!
  • xiaojiao
    Du Wei eight room, away from home, are very kind to each other, very good
  • E00227707
    Indoor humidity, conditions, bath, bathroom, TV, heater, light top, easy to play
  • MYspace
    Live and other tourists, pretty good, more than some younger friends, very happy.
  • guyue19860826
    Not far from the light, hundreds of meters climb up on the line, watching the Sunrise is very convenient; not far from xihai Grand Canyon train export, convenient rest.
  • doc1005209137
    Hotel location is very good! Residence Youth Hostel in his youth, selected more than one room, and save money (hotel accommodation, so impressive). My bed in 8 person room is the bathroom. keep big men up on the toilet in the Middle, the lights and the smell of urine (seems to prefer close) I can't get to sleep.
  • lnsyfpy
  • diexin001
    Good location, from behind the mountains, to the hotel late afternoon, can light the Sunrise, the sunset. poor facilities, hot water without washing.
  • xpower
    Well, the kind 4 bed bunk, health can or feeling washed bedding changed. Overall is good, because we know that no bathroom, so before to prepare supplies. pretty convenient, light the Sunrise, the sunset is cold takes about 15 minutes light top, they wear more.
  • bb712781
    Ideally, you can watch the Sunrise!
  • bigbirdbo
  • njsjnatural
    Difference only in the mountains will stay one more night
  • xj5674
    Thousands Yuan worth of standard room really small room and the bed was so small ya! but in the top of the mountain can understand it!
  • jiawei1023
    If you finish climbing the yellow mountain, won't think anything expensive. large room, facilities still available. compared to Wuyuan Li Keng, cost-effective and more. where there are no worse than Li Keng, tickets, accommodation and eating are expensive.
  • laura_feng
    Very satisfied and have electric heating, very comfortable, but no teeth, bring your own.
  • lianfan8937
    Service staff not helpful
  • gyj Jingjing
    Hotel on a hill,
  • acalceair
    Particularly good! under the light, watching the Sunrise, where is not far from the core area! accommodation very good, looks good! the food very expensive and not good!
  • lllaura
    It wasn't too bad
  • Ardar
    The famous Huangshan mountain hotel nothing special to say, keep warm, thick coats, umbrellas are available, WiFi is also fast, for tourists is very considerate.
  • jeanson
    Very nice stay, the price is not cheap, but good value for money, a hot shower and a beautiful dream, happiness is as simple as that. Distance the light very close to the top, the traffic is very convenient
  • ruliang888
    In one night on Huangshan Baiyun hotel is a good choice, especially from the cloud Valley Temple Hills location more convenient.
  • Ansun
    Convenient location, also went to the bridge, clouds best, can also go to the light to see the next day Sunrise
  • A5911188947
    It's not bad
  • e02857994
    Distance the light very close to the top, into the attack or defensive back, young people young and old guests staying at the hotel for the whole family. Rooms are clean, there are two cotton coat out cold use. Because the environmental protection concept, hotel does not offer free toiletries, let guys do their best efforts to protect the Earth. Of course if he does forget, rooms with premium toiletries, which is quite complete. Breakfast in the hotel 68, fairly abundant, allowing you full of energy following theContinued attacking mountains.