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The Baiyun Hotel (Baiyun Binguan) is located in the Tianhai Scenic Area of Huang Shan,  China's famous "Yellow Mountain". Surrounded by soaring peaks and wistful pines,  this mountaintop hotel backs onto Bright Summit,  one of the best spots to witness the majestic sight of the sun rising over the misty mountains. It's a sight that is well worth the early start,  and the morning chill is alleviated by thick down jackets available to all guests.[View Detail]

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  • funny
    Huangshan mountain scenery is so beautiful, and climbing Mountain very tired after a day, you have to feel very beautiful hotel, did not see service, Interior health can! is all the people who lived so many! gotta say not bad!
  • e03221835
    Hotels near light top, service is relatively good, room free down-padded, easy to watch the sun rise.
  • e01028909
    Mountain room, resting. After all the mountain very tired after ... not far from the light.
  • dondba
    Fortunately, rain is so large, a room for ten people, has just entered a nearly unconscious, a variety of instant noodles, clothes smell of baking, a dozen human body odor
  • d757465456
    Being mother mountain book Japanese style standard room 720 price simply because no view from the window on the Hill saw the other room Windows of the sanitary hot water is better than a waiter did not meet four star
  • e00062064
    Very satisfied, very clean
  • Candylj
    Booking late, not sure, this is a ten-room room, regret, climbed Huangshan have been tired, sick, lost my crutches, her roommate ate lost. a failed accommodation
  • frostbjm
    The location was excellent, room is not small in the mountains, to a West-facing room, see a beautiful sunset. food is more expensive, but it tastes good.
  • e04428565
    Transportation depends on the shoulder at your back on top of Huangshan Hotel requirements cannot be too high. sets are single rooms, rooms small put 4 sets of high and low, and is crowded, but a bath of hot water well.
  • guoxin1990
    Able to get satisfied
  • a_nai
    Good, room is equipped with a down jacket, easy to wear to see the sunrise.
  • fangymai
    Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah ha ha;
  • peterwangpf
    Live in the mountains can also
  • alanwongcc
    Mountain view is my living room can see the picture, is really good, because of the rain, so don't see the Sunrise, the hotel prepared also bosideng down jacket, very intimate, climbing very tired, sleep sleep at noon at the hotel at noon, if you want to play the ball, really need to live in the mountain for one night
  • yilan3545
    Stayed one night in the female dorms. There were a water kettle in the room, hot water and a shower, bathroom shared with the other in the dorm (in total 8 persons). There were a electrical heather so the indoor temperature was great.
  • andrew1967
    More room, one night's sleep transitions, you can also
  • E01020964
  • xwf1977
    Two years came to live of is clouds log cabin room feel also is clean, this of equal price of standard between was unbearable, night sleep sleep found quilt in has foreign body black of May is bug may is garbage, too late has played off Hou also didn't found, only two a people squeeze a Zhang bed sleep, fundamental sleep not with quilt too dirty has was itchy, say bathroom of wash Taiwan and didn't wipe had as, although in mountain Shang, price also not cheap, health do so poor and West was cannot than. selfNo sea meals delicious, and don't take pride in good location. also have wanted to change room with a front desk clerk is unwilling, buffet hungry to eat next to Miss Cook watched, HA HA. won't go live.
  • deepmetal
    Really don't like the Chamber, the Stryker frame ring
  • Cest_la_vie
    Hotel is located in the sea, go through the xihai Grand Canyon quickly exhausted after the right hotel. to light the next morning to watch the sunrise. hotel location excellent, facilities good.
  • DG small but powerful
    Overall feels good, live, 1th floor, did not comment on star standard room is toilet flush toilet to release taste too bad.
  • e02368558
    The summer go to Huangshan, price is a little high. we are 3 people, does not provide much room, booked a standard room. is a little damp on the Hill, resulting in the quilt room wet. room cabinets have two piece wetsuit, smell, without clothes.
  • g26442771
    Also, a little distance from the light. Heater doesn't work.
  • baiye
    Hotel was good, live 3 times, didn't say, dinner is always expensive.
  • apple719
    What are complete is too expensive
  • G_Paladin_S
    Hotel on a hill, just like that. dinner is more expensive, than to bring your own energy. four adults and two children, simple dish, it took more than 400
  • e04165032
    Really good
  • e00090218
    All right
  • fredacs
    The mountain environment, although it is four stars, but very general
  • Sxiong
    In addition to the quilt is a little beyond the tide, and other very good, bathroom and very clean!
  • lfyin33
    New floor standard between in main building 2nd, floor, health is clean, free provides two pieces charge clothing. has heating, hair dryer, electric kettle, umbrella, not provides free of one-time wash supplies but has charges of wash supplies (25 Yuan/sets). radiator Shang of shelf drying clothing and towel very easy! not added bed not more received third people costs, so 3-4 people live a between are OK, neatly feel is satisfaction ~
  • francis-wen
    Good, convenient
  • nancyma2
    I feel pretty good
  • babydoe
    Very good hotel, not far from the bright, easy to watch the sunrise and the sunset. lived in the top floor of the wooden house, room was small, two small beds, not so soundproof. offers a down jacket, very useful.
  • tianyunying
    Live here to of is location live of more room in most scenic in of more room room in the Huangshan clouds is good of has anyway you into room first feel is also is clean of, a standard between of House in put has four Zhang upper and lower Pu 150 of price staying of, also can accept because rain we two points long staying has and total desk is not a floor in eat of has a commissary certainly has is scenic price after all mountain Shang your is can understanding of But also didn't your of outrageous also can accept hungry has on eat chant out play cannot treat has himself Ah here away from TMSC station is near to light top also is near see sunrise sunset are convenient climbed two days Huangshan words live in here trip also good arrangements we morning from hotel also go to has step fairy Bridge views is is beauty of location quite good of hotel if climbed two days Huangshan recommended live clouds just must ahead of set or too your has
  • df1970
    Location is really good, stay for three nights on a bright star very comfortable
  • demon
    Belong to a very good address in the mountain in the middle of the front mountain and the rear mountain has to go next after cable section of the hotel good buffet dinner per person 128 in the mountains get on well, we lived in a log cabin can be recommended
  • la860911
    Hotel good location, not far from morning light to see the sunrise on. surrounded by the city, prices lower than the hotel.
  • canlylove8
    Nice than we think, from the walk light top 20 minutes.
  • wulingren
    Huangshan Baiyun hotel is the most comfortable hotel of the trip, lovely, beautiful, clean and tidy, in high places can do so perfectly, it's not easy, it is commendable, I would strongly recommend to a friend!
  • allen53
    It's too expensive
  • balbi
    Room is small, but very good heat in the room is equipped with.
  • bigmad
    Although many people, but also hilarious ... nice
  • e00854029
    Pretty good
  • brigitte1981
    From the light very close, getting up early can see the sunrise.
  • fang_1028
    Nice hotel
  • lypluo
    Drying equipment, we were uphill in the rain, soaking wet, but can be drying. room was small, but still feeling comfortable.
  • yll0229
    Du Wei people, affordable
  • tangliyun1987
    Huangshan mountain's most famous hotel, watching the Sunrise is very convenient, price is not high, everything is good
  • liyanwjd
    Hotel location excellent, beds is just a place to live it! cannot have more expectations.