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The Baiyun Hotel (Baiyun Binguan) is located in the Tianhai Scenic Area of Huang Shan,  China's famous "Yellow Mountain". Surrounded by soaring peaks and wistful pines,  this mountaintop hotel backs onto Bright Summit,  one of the best spots to witness the majestic sight of the sun rising over the misty mountains. It's a sight that is well worth the early start,  and the morning chill is alleviated by thick down jackets available to all guests.[View Detail]

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  • cccjina
    More expensive, prices of services as well
  • simonwenfeng
    From the sunrise and sunset points near, very good!
  • felix101200
    Fortunately, there are heated
  • ingridbaby
    Hotel is a typical mountain hotel, everything is a hard pick Uncle pick up the premise, room was very good, very clean. no toiletries, save, good ... hope to see Uncle picked ... just do not know the prices so high, some pocket money to pick it?
  • a329145009
    Hotel location is very good, the light on top about 1 quarter of an hour, good health, toiletries 25 a voluntary consumer, do not need to bring your own. hot water is very comfortable, next time I will choose.
  • Blomberg
    Hotel is located near the West Rail station, beneath the light top, 500 meters away from the light top level road. room and clean, service good.
  • clovers
    Baiyun hotel and the buffet was very good.
  • maroll
    Everything in the hotel was dirty, towels dark, although new items are very old, sound bad, knocking at the door is knocked on their door in the next room, we stayed for 2 nights at the Huangshan mountain, was staying at a different hotel, compared with Baiyun Hotel cost is not high.
  • iceriver2
    Hotel is near the light top, friends can choose to want to see the Sunrise, but then a plate of fried eggs with tomatoes 60RMB, isn't that a little too much?
  • citicclsl
    Two days in advance not to retreat, saying Daddy
  • dongsen0727syy
    Room 6 people when one is actually 10 people room. room was cold flashes, is only good in the mountains, say hello next time I go to when I need to.
    8 persons to a room is a bit crowded but then for a night is ok. The location is great as the last stop for the day tracking.
  • giraffe
    Level 5, and 10 persons ... bathroom was very dirty, the door is not shut. location is not bad from the light very close, watching the Sunrise is a good choice.
  • lisa_fan
    Very good next time
  • lili3w
  • fbfjg
    Accommodation on the mountain, condition is good ... ...
  • calorieyoung
    It wasn't too bad
  • romeo_au
    Samsung standard room is very good, just to enjoy the sunset and the sea of clouds, little friends are excited, in the mountains, high cost performance, and heating
  • rogerwang820
    Very unique rooms, location, nice
  • morleysu
    Mainly location. other General. sheets a little bit dirty yourself
  • tyfatty
    Room smelly. maintenance bad, old rags and uncomfortable. towels smell, bathroom small, slightly fat cannot turn around., 7,101 late Japanese double standard rooms, not worth it!
  • joycejo
    6 room, facilities OK,
  • ninibaby
    Although more expensive, but the environment is pretty good, you have to remember that you are living in the Huangshan mountain is!
  • e00012585
    If it's three or four friends to a room, 18 square meters rooms! lifter watch your head, one or two people bring sleeping bags on the line, carpet clean, sleep much better than four to squeeze six rooms, with private bathroom, on average one person is not expensive.
  • liucaixue
    Location is good if you play strongly recommend staying here for two days the first days play out West a short walk to the whole going back to light is very convenient if you have to climb recommended here to watch the sunset, if lucky, very nice not to eat the food here but the Huangshan mountain on the prices really are nice
  • bbjw1984
    In the winter, facilities and sanitation were very good, staff is very practical.
  • e00222624
    Hotel location is very good, the environment is also good, services and facilities is not very good, price is expensive, not morning toothpaste toothbrush.
  • baggioy
    A nice hotel on Huangshan, to each of the attractions are very close!
  • sunspot
    In General, you have no choice
  • jenny_lin9
    Also, is the price a little expensive, if you can offer would be nice
  • jeanslw
    Which is very nice
  • lwjlxm6162
    National during, prices Super your, restaurant price amazing, but in climbing Hou can enjoy star service, wash a hot bath super comfortable. hotel location good, first days from cloud Valley ropeway mountain, way side play side as to hotel probably 4 hours, Midway Xia up rain to, room of heating also can baking Xia clothes. second days Grand Canyon turned finished to rail back just to hotel 5 minutes, check out once upon a mountain down.
  • linjudy
    Began really can't compliment the room on the first floor, taste great; but later moved to the third floor. with breakfast room, but to say no and very poor front desk said travel problems, in short, a large distance from the four-star standard.
  • a_nai
    Good, room is equipped with a down jacket, easy to wear to see the sunrise.
  • gumai
    Very good location in mountain but the service & facilities should improve to provide more to residents
  • CarlLiew
    Light top 15 minutes, watching the Sunrise is very convenient and not providing disposable toiletries, slippers, room was clean, national day, expensive beds
  • linjijia
    Hotel location is very good, for the attractions of routing, the others have been.
  • Eluwin
    Baiyun Hotel good location, convenient to scenic spots around, during the national day holiday, and a slightly higher price, but can be covered in sweat when hot water bath, clean bed rest, we are very satisfied, especially the sunset that I can in the room to watch the sunset, I can watch the stars, really beautiful!
  • cindy0412
    Much better than thought, clean room
  • rex0730
    Room clean and tidy, no wet feeling on the first floor, hotel with down, heater is practical, location very good, AO Yufeng and light very close to the top, is near from the xihai Grand Canyon, Mount Huangshan is a good choice.
  • dollim
    So-so on the Hill had no pick
    National Day Golden week are back, only the two of us still happy
  • carrot0315
    Hotel location is good, convenient to the light top and xihai Grand Canyon, dryer drying clothes is very good, but cabin not soundproof, voices in the next room in the evening, a little annoying. is the worst restaurant food is not good, service even worse all day, with a straight face, makes people feel good.
  • e00185948
    That's good
  • FELIX1119
    Booked two rooms, one bathroom odor
  • jenny Jingjing
    Not providing disposable toiletries, bring your own. Close to restaurants that exhaust fume smell good! Buffet 128 bit. 68 Yuan for breakfast one. foot bath on the first floor above a 150, please note, the waiter will keep saying, tell you how low wages and tips! The best bring down the Hill for breakfast the next day, hotel is located in a supermarket, yili pure milk a 10 Yuan, local tyrants can be ignored, of course!
  • e00088889
    Good location, food good.
  • m00190347
    Eat 3 meals at the hotel, breakfast to late can be left for themselves don't have much choice, lunch and dinner are pretty good, consumer prices after seeing the hardships of Porter mountain also didn't find it very expensive, the price is quite reasonable for this dish
  • LI971121
    The location, hotel facilities good. is recommended.
  • wenverly