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The Baiyun Hotel (Baiyun Binguan) is located in the Tianhai Scenic Area of Huang Shan,  China's famous "Yellow Mountain". Surrounded by soaring peaks and wistful pines,  this mountaintop hotel backs onto Bright Summit,  one of the best spots to witness the majestic sight of the sun rising over the misty mountains. It's a sight that is well worth the early start,  and the morning chill is alleviated by thick down jackets available to all guests.[View Detail]

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  • ljf218
    Main building 150 metres from environment
  • Saffron
    Rooms small, others are good
  • andygao2008
    Many pigs too painful
  • imteatea
    Location, room facilities are very good, health is also good, service or bath water is not hot.
  • fairyxy1222
    Hotel bad! but the surrounding landscape can be!
  • david061216
    Room was clean, nice, is the mountain without bathroom
  • carlosng
    Great location, but we go to is a rainy day, unable to see the Sunrise, wasting a sweet down jacket and the best Sunrise point of the hotel.
  • guodiwu
    Health conditions are good to pack your toothbrush or toothpaste to buy
  • e00345576
    Great location, located in the Huangshan mountain in Central, which is very convenient, in the room where you can see the sunset. rooms also provide a down jacket and an umbrella, very heart. meals on the first floor is also very good.
  • alienel
    ... Very good
  • jf2102168
    Nice, next time you can live.
  • e00188248
    General good!
  • anning
    Clean or clean is to sleep well at night, next time try tent
  • fuancm139
    Price low
  • Laurence
    Location is good! but is not in General!
  • Elvali
    Live on the 1th floor, location is a short distance away from the light top, facilities, health and really needs to be improved, really does not want to see bugs. good diet, appetite, also not as expensive as legend-
  • aseaflying
    It's not bad
  • l5621
    I is morning ten points from CI light GE began climbing, due to rain increased fog, probably 4:30 P.M. around arrived clouds hotel, can said once upon a mountain mountain words live in here good, distance light top also on ten minutes of away, very near, for watch sunrise. live of is more people, has bathroom and hot can bath, downstairs is fast-food restaurants, handle staying Shi see hotel lobby is very good. compared Huashan above accommodation of conditions, Huangshan Shang has is paradise has.In a fast-food dinner, 651, prices are slightly more expensive, tastes, the mountain can not require so much. Huangshan scenic area, accommodation proposals filed reservations, especially on holidays.
  • liwenling61
    Yes, height of 1800 m, very comfortable?
  • dongdongdog2
    Huangshan tourism, if they moved to the mountains, I think the preferred Baiyun hotel. Baiyun hotel is located in the middle of the Huangshan mountain, where attractions don't have to backtrack, physical savings! think facilities are not up to four stars, hot enough rooms at peak condition is good.
  • vienna
    Baiyun hotel is not a four star. in addition to the location, everything else. and West Sea Hotel, poor and expensive facilities. If you don't have, the next is not expected to choose here
  • damNItU
    Beneath the light top, West terminus of the cable car up the Grand Canyon, Sunrise and sunset can be seen. health, bath OK
  • e01506000
    The new building to the hotel one night's stay, there are a lot of Germans, Korea also dwelt. hotel in beautiful surroundings, the hotel room was clean, towels, no toiletries. is the most attentive service, rooms with down jacket, get up early to watch the sunrise.
  • e02193112
    To of day heaven not do beauty Xia has day of rain-Hou mountain Shang of arrived Hotel got of almost has-room than expected in the good-has electric heating Super practical roast clothes shoes-electric kettle boil water drink (recommends mountain Shi drink finished of empty Aquarius don't threw, to hotel burn water cool has loaded in, such can reduced mountain load and water money), bathroom is clean. is weekend to of somewhat your, 2,601 a bed-
  • lomejennie
    10 room or an extra bed, free language!
  • goddess
    Well, not far from the light, watching the sunrise. eat well, this condition is pretty good on top
  • coolip
    Bed was very comfortable
  • e00221431
    Set of is more bed, live of is this, squeeze squeeze can sleep two people, roommate of aunt said they set of is Han type room, may hotel to upgrade has's. compared surprise of is has hot, independent of shower can bath, wireless network signal not too good, night sleep noise is unlikely to. live of place away from Hotel Hall to go five or six minutes of like, away from light top to go 20 minutes, General for good
  • awayboy0722
    Not careful fruitless consultations date security with customer service eh wrong money sent to them
  • dingb007
    Bathroom very nice, mountain-climbing a hot bath super cool
  • ai903
    Better-than-expected, CP value is pretty high Hostels Hotels!
  • playroy
    Location is very good, just before and after the middle of West Sea cable car up to the Grand Canyon, belongs to the 2nd tour choice. light is more than 300 meters on the steps, watching the sunrise and sunset is very convenient. supermarket downstairs, eat more expensive supermarket where things are not expensive.
  • evasit
    Good location, to the various attractions and more convenient, hotel facilities were good, especially hot water enough water pressure, Japanese-style huts are still too small and not comfortable.
  • m1203600144
    11 really expensive
  • laoyoutiao1977
    The price is good, next time will go to Huangshan
  • arsenia
    Mainly to see the Sunrise, not far from the light, room facilities are full, there are health services
  • caol0
    All I can say is watch the Sunrise location is sold, hehe
  • Sam Wen Ge
    Rooms are small, the price is not cheap. There is no sunset one night without seeing the Sun, feel out of place
  • gan1975
    To read the comments before, to shop is better than I thought, from the light very close to the top, rooms are also able to meet the demand, but also good
  • cassieyao
    Very good location, away from the light very close to the top, easy to see Sunrise and sunset. the first hotel, the room condition is pretty good, bedding is not humid, hot drinks, and hot showers. the living conditions on the mountain has been very good, unfortunately there is no picture, just give it a five-star praises
  • oscarcao
    Poor service
  • Erin Wen
    In order to see the Sunrise clause, though not as, but from the xihai Grand Canyon near the hotel, from the West Sea is very convenient, but no other good toiletries
  • Be!bi
    Poor service, poor attitude, love could not live feeling. facilities for drying clothes very well
  • julietsjd
    Good location, comfort level than the West hotel, advantage is easier to travelling to and from the sites.
    Bedmate of quality, fair price, light top downhill 20 minutes away.
  • e05176011
    Taste really unbearable, nausea vomiting
  • lovelynimo
    Closest hotel to light top!
  • PAPA92
    Hotel facilities can do so on the mountain has been very good, bright sunrise on a 15-minute drive, there? on the Grand Canyon, restaurant food also very good, climbing tourist staying in a hotel is a great choice!
  • f1lover
    Good hotel good location. watch the Sunrise is also convenient ... quite user-friendly.
  • yuntbella
    Odor in the House, is too big.