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Huangshan Baiyun Hotel is located under Guangming top, in front of Lianhua peak, between Aoyu peak and Xihai Grand Canyon peaks. It is a hotel close to Guangming top. It is hidden in green mountains and green pines. The breeze and clouds are looming. The tiktok train is about 5 minutes away from the hotel.
The hotel has a variety of rooms for you to choose from, with geothermal heating facilities, awning style restaurant, food street, intelligent hotel management system, rooms equipped with Wrigley intelligent toilet, slim blue mattress, mountain carpet, wisdom, family, romantic, warm captured the hearts of millions of people.
The hotel's golden housekeeper like family service and good reputation have won countless thousands of words of praise. Family love has broken millions of people's tears and moved people for life. The hotel shows the essence of the thousand year old Huizhou culture, and the large-scale folk performance of 'impression of the sky and the sea, unforgettable of the white clouds', including dragon dance, lion dance, Huangmei Opera, and noisy gongs and drums.
The hotel has the landscape of all elements of natural gardens, surrounded by many scenic spots, such as Guangmingding, lianhuafeng, haixinting, baiyunxi, buxianqiao, Yunshan Buddha wall, Xihai grand canyon cliff trail, etc. In 200 years of spring dawn, the ancient cherry trees are towering, the flowers are gorgeous, and the flowing water is murmuring. In 300 years of autumn Eve, the Buddha wall is covered with gold, the red leaves are dyed, and the sea of clouds is boundless. It is quite the remote artistic conception of 'far up the cold mountain, the stone path is slanting, and there are people in the depths of the white clouds' in Du Mu's poems.
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FAQs when booking at Huangshan Baiyun Hotel
  • Is the hotel on the top of the mountain?

    The hotel is located on the top of Huangshan Mountain. You can only take the climbing ropeway or walk uphill. The ropeway is open every day from 07: 30-16: 00.

  • How far is the hotel from Huangshan Airport?

    Huangshan Baiyun Hotel is 46.2km from the airport.

  • Does Huangshan Baiyun Hotel offer airport shuttle service?

    No, the hotel does not offer airport shuttle service.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Huangshan Baiyun Hotel?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Huangshan Baiyun Hotel.

  • Does Huangshan Baiyun Hotel have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Huangshan Baiyun Hotel have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Huangshan Baiyun Hotel offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Huangshan Baiyun Hotel accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Huangshan Baiyun Hotel accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Huangshan Baiyun Hotel?

    Each costs cny68 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Huangshan Baiyun Hotel?

    The room prices is from cny1140, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

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  • jeanslw
    not bad
  • coco6480
    The environment is a little humid
  • fgs2000
    Like the dormitory, several people live together. Fortunately, they are all young people. Everyone has a lively chat. Don't ask for room facilities and services. After all, it's on the top of the mountain. I think the price is on the high side
  • arjunarjun
    The hotel is very close to Guangmingding, convenient to see the sunrise, the hotel facilities are very good, each room has two down jacket, electric heating stove, very warm, just in time for the rain, clothes all wet, the next day all dry. The water heater is very hot. It's very comfortable to take a hot bath all day. The sound insulation of the room is a little poor. I want to have a rest early in the evening. The next day I watch sunrise. The person next door watches TV and talks all night. I don't fall asleep until one o'clock in the morning!! Overall, I feel good.
  • alissa001
    What can I say about this hotel? The only thing I think is that the location is good. It's very close to Guangmingding and the route is quite good. However, the food in the restaurant is not delicious and affordable. One spicy tofu is good. It costs 300 yuan for two people and four dishes. When I went down the mountain, I saw the porter working so hard. There's a reason why it's expensive, There is no big bed room in the new building. I'm not very satisfied with the arrangement of the standard room. The others are OK. It's good to have such conditions on the mountain. Mountain climbing is very tiring. I won't go again next time.
  • jiangyang1987
    The location is quite convenient in the scenic area, the hotel is a bit old, but it is nice to have such a room on the mountain. The heating is awesome.
  • jenny9yuan
    The service is OK. I didn't stay in other hotels on the mountain, so I can't make a comparison. But it's OK here. Basically, the whole hotel has heating, so it won't be cold. When I live in the standard room of the new building, I have to spend money on washing and gargling, but there are other things
  • ccw0win
    The overall feeling is good. After all, there are not so many requirements on the mountain.
  • julycloud
    Very good. Basically, you don't have to go back. There is plenty of hot water. After taking a bath for 24 hours, you can remove a lot of fatigue. It's just that the friendly tips are not good enough. Buxianqiao turns to Xihai Daxia valley. When you arrive at the Grand Canyon service station, you find that the channel is locked. After more than 2 hours of walking back, the hotel should inform the guests in time that you can't afford to hurt
  • duanjiafang
    It's a must pass place in front of the mountain and behind the mountain. It's very convenient to watch the sunrise and sunset at the nearest place to Guangmingding. It's convenient to eat and shop around. Ordering or fast food is really expensive. There's no room at the front desk at 1480. You have to book online in advance. The hotel facilities are average, but they are quite clean, much better than expected. Heating and two free down jackets are available in the room. Look at the sunrise. It's just right.
  • lp17_2000
    The room is clean, the bath water is very big, and it's pretty good
  • April2228
    The location of the hotel is good. It's about 15 minutes away from Guangmingding, which is convenient to watch the sunrise the next day. The room is very small, but it's better than previously thought. It's not so wet, the bedding is dry, and the bath water is very large. But the price is really a little expensive. Maybe that's what the room at the top of the mountain is like.
  • olive0577
    not bad
  • lcd666
    The hotel has a good location. The most important thing on the mountain is to sleep clean. The tour guide said that the four-star hotel guarantees to change every day, so the quilt and towel are white and clean. In other rooms, the quilt color sometimes lasts for up to one week, especially during the national holiday. There are too many people. Because everything on the mountain is transported down the mountain by porters, their tour guide has no place to sleep this Spring Festival, We can only wait until the restaurant is finished.
  • Aung Lin
    I live in a six person room with a single bathroom. Near Guangming roof, general sanitation, no wireless internet access.
  • Adaro84
    The price is a little expensive, but it's very close to Guangmingding, and you can see the sunrise. However, the reservation is really full of twists and turns. On the day of departure, I received a phone call saying that the house supply is tight and I can only stay in the basement. The price is the same, either change the hotel, I insist on not changing it. Later, after I got a phone call from the mountain, the house supply is tight and I can only change the hotel, I insist on not changing it. We didn't arrive at the hotel until more than 6 p.m. to solve the problem of accommodation.
  • dong_dongxi
    It's average. I generally mean the price of 780 yuan. I think they should do the service of changing the light bulb in the room immediately. The restaurant is very expensive, and the mountain mineral water is 10 yuan per bottle, so the food is reasonable. If you don't have to live on the mountain, you'd better live at the foot of the mountain.
  • ericlin1026
    Although the facilities are old, it doesn't matter if you don't have a toothbrush or bath supplies. The toilet will be really depressed.
  • agete
    Fortunately, it's OK during the National Day!
  • cllxf1112
    Generally speaking, I am very satisfied with such accommodation conditions at the top of Huangshan Mountain. The only drawback is that it is located at the central Guangming top. In fact, there is a short distance to go down the mountain or to the Xihai Grand Canyon, which is not conducive to friends who are in a hurry to focus on a certain scenic spot, but I still want to give them a high praise!
  • doodoo09
    The location is very good. It's very convenient to go up and down the mountain. I'm very satisfied with my accommodation experience.
  • swordbb
    Last year, I was very impressed. At that time, I didn't see the sunrise because of the rain. The outside of the hotel looked good, but the actual accommodation room was very humid and narrow
  • X fabric
    It's very good. You have the strength to continue climbing only when you live comfortably
  • carollee82
    Pretty good. The price is a little expensive
  • e01002380
    Good location, good mountain
  • cfp84417341
    Except that the sound insulation effect is not very good, everything else is good! It's good to have such conditions on the mountain
  • e05494687
    It's very good. The four-star facilities are very complete, the heater is very considerate, and there are two free down coats to facilitate watching the sunrise. Although the weather is bad and I didn't see the sunset and sunrise, the service of the hotel is pretty good
  • fengmuya
    Mountain Hotel, it's nice to do this?
  • aliceeWonder
    Good environment, you can go to the bright top to see the sunrise.
  • a88086860
    The location of the hotel is very good and the facilities are relatively simple, but the requirements for living in the mountains are not too high
  • ff3311
    The location is good, the facilities, service and hygiene are general, especially there are no washing utensils, which is inconvenient. That's it. After all, it's on the mountain.
  • cistec
    Traveling in Huangshan, staying in a mountain hotel overnight will greatly alleviate the fatigue of walking through the mountains. The room hygiene is very good. The only disadvantage is that the room is an internal window and the air circulation is poor.
  • air307691108
    It's OK. There's a relatively clean place to rest in Huangshan. It's OK
  • Found
    Not bad. No breakfast
  • inasun18
    The Hotel nearest to Guangming summit is only 500 meters away. It lives in a Japanese wooden house. It is very warm. It has down jacket and drying equipment, but it does not provide free toothbrush, shower gel, etc. it needs to be brought by itself. It's good to live in such a hotel on the top of the mountain
  • lwfe77
    Although the price of the hotel on the mountain is comparable to that of a five-star hotel, it's actually the level of an economy hotel. The room is very small, with a heater, it won't be cold at night, and it's not far from Guangmingding (local people climb for 5-10 minutes, ordinary tourists climb for 20 minutes). It's convenient to watch everyday life, but there are no toiletries, so I forget to bring my toothbrush(
    The hotel is close to Guangmingding. It's on a slope of about 100 meters. It's a good location. The quilt of the hotel feels a little smelly. There are many people using water in the evening, and the water temperature is relatively low, but it's good to stagger the peak period.
  • e00190671
    It's expensive on the mountain. After all, the cost is high on the mountain
  • addsummer
    I feel comfortable, but I think it's expensive.
  • eric!
    The location is very good. You can see the sunrise and swim to the West Sea. You can just live here. The Japanese wooden house is very warm and children like it very much. The buffet is a little expensive, but it's all the same in the mountains.
  • cowjerry
    The room is very clean and comfortable. It's worth it. The location of the hotel is good. I'll stay here next time.
  • bird-man
    Under the limited conditions of going up the mountain, this is a very good hotel with high cost performance, and the food in the restaurant is very delicious!
  • angellily345
    The hotel is very close to Guangmingding, but there is still much room for improvement in facilities and services. At the price of more than 1000 a night, the hotel doesn't offer shampoo and body lotion, which makes people speechless. Maybe it's because the hotel's housing is tight and the hotel doesn't have to worry about no one to stay, so the attitude of the hotel attendants is very general. They are a little indifferent to the customers, which is also the attitude of the security guard. It's like going back to the state guesthouse of the last century.
  • jasonjie241
    The standard room is very good. You can see the scenery. Good luck! The front desk service was also very good, and the security guard was also very good.
  • ginagwe
    Bed room, upper and lower berth 8 people a room; The basic facilities include: electric kettle, water cup, hot shower water, sufficient heating before midnight, insufficient heating after midnight; There's free wifi. It's not comfortable. It's OK to have a night off.
  • Batic2
    Needless to say, the location of the hotel is very good. The hotel facilities are similar to Beihai and Shilin. The sound insulation is poor. There are people playing cards and watching TV in the next room. They can hear the sound clearly.
  • goldenram
    It's very close to Guangmingding. It's on the ground track of Xihai Grand Canyon. The location is good, and the service and sanitation of the hotel are good
  • fion-ye
    It's still a little crowded. It's late and the price is expensive. The room is very clean and comfortable to sleep. I watched the sunrise early in the morning and had to climb a little from the Guangming top. As a result, it was cloudy, rainy and foggy. I didn't see anything
  • mylucia
    The location is excellent. It's only about ten minutes to watch the sunrise from Guangmingding, although the road is a bit steep. Many people can meet people from all over the world. They are knowledgeable and make friends. The hotel can deposit luggage free of charge. After we deposit our luggage, we can load it down the Xihai Grand Canyon and take the cable car to pick up our luggage. It's very convenient.
  • DCity
    This is a better choice for a two-day trip to Huangshan. It's about ten minutes from Guangming top. The water legs in the bathroom are very slow. Anyway, don't think how good the conditions are when living in the mountain. If you want to be comfortable, you can live in a standard room.
  • carrol
    Limited by the mountain conditions, we can't expect more services. It's enough to have a place to sleep and take a bath.
  • clear0606
    Huangshan mountaintop hotels have unified prices. The environment is OK.
    I ordered it for my friends
  • e00069749
  • beijixingo
    The location on Huangshan Mountain is ideal for staying at sunrise
  • lynnbl1
    There are down coats and umbrellas in the room. It's warm. There's a heater. It's very quiet. The room is clean. I feel very good overall. The food in the restaurant is not cheap, but it's worth it. Good location. Like one, recommend one.
  • asial
    The sound insulation is not good, the bed is very comfortable
  • e00611780
    Three stars are less than four stars. I'm disappointed to come here after living in Xihai
  • luminary
    At the top of the mountain, the room is small and has disposable slippers. LCD TV. I should live on the top floor. The room window is 1.5m wide and 0.3m high, which is more depressing. The room facilities are better than I expected. It is clean and tidy. The room has cotton padded clothes and electric heating air machine.
  • jianxiusong
    Check in many times, it's said that it's OK
  • aswdll
    Good, good
  • lv65522291
    It's really nice. It's warmer than the store at the foot of the mountain. It's clean and hygienic. There's a guide map for you. The front desk tells you the time of sunrise and sunset. As long as you bring your own dental appliances, there are other bath products. Guangmingding doesn't have to be 20 minutes' walk. It's in a good position.
  • Amytaotao
    Expensive, poor
  • Arrtco mine
    The location of the hotel is really good. It's very close to see the sunrise and sunset on the bright top. Because I stayed in the hotel at the foot of the mountain the day before, and then stayed in the standard room of three stars in Baiyun on the mountain. In contrast, Baiyun Hotel is much better. The room is very clean and well equipped. And heating equipment. We use it to dry clothes. WiFi signal is also very strong. There are also two down coats to keep out the cold. It's very considerate. It would be better if there were a supply of daily toiletries. It's not as high as the mountain. After all, it's not easy to transport things. It's still understandable. Here we would like to thank and praise the staff of Baiyun: after we checked out and left Huangshan. My friend found that he had left his wallet in the pocket of his down jacket in the room. So I called them immediately. Baiyun's service personnel find wallets for friends with very fast speed and work efficiency. Also transfer the cash inside to a friend's bank account and express the wallet and documents back to us. Friends said they would give them tips to thank them, but they didn't take them. This is still very good. Baiyun Hotel, I will stay in Huangshan next time.
  • a_nai
    It's very good. The room is equipped with down jacket, which is convenient to wear and watch the sunrise.
  • a66666616
    This time, fifteen people and friends and friends went to Mount Huangshan. The Baiyun Hotel is very close to the bright top. It can take a morning to see the sunrise in Mount Huangshan. It's really beautiful. The hotel facilities are very good, much better than we think. And the hot water is very awesome. It provides intimate coats and blankets, but there are no toiletries in the rooms. This stunned us. I have to take a shower in hot water on the mountain. It's good anyway. I'll continue to stay next time.
  • lemonlx2003
    One of the two better hotels on Huangshan Mountain. It's closest to Guangming top (it also takes dozens of minutes to climb). The food in the hotel is expensive, but considering that everything is carried on artificial shoulders, it's OK. I hope the porters can earn more money. The room is small. The breakfast is OK. In terms of the conditions on the mountain, it's pretty good
  • annierab
    The first surprise: there were six people traveling together, so they decided to have more than one world, and the result was arranged in a six world; The second surprise: the room is clean and tidy. It's quiet at night. There's 24-hour hot water and slippers. It's much better than expected. I'm satisfied; The third surprise is that it's only 10 minutes away from Guangming top. I have plenty of time to watch the sunrise in the morning. I just went late and didn't have a good place to watch the sunrise. Next time, I will choose Baiyun Hotel. It's affordable!
  • aegean0216
    It's good to live in 1307. You can watch the sunset. Unfortunately, this point, whether in the hotel or the nearby restaurant, the price is high, and the taste is not used to eating. The food in the hotel is still good in Shilin. There are bedbugs in the location of the hotel (there are hints in the hotel room, indeed). For a three-day tour, the hotel is a required location.
  • cnxgb
    Back to the dormitory
  • weixiao
    Every time I come to Huangshan, I will choose Baiyun Hotel. Because it is very close to Guangming top, I will arrive at Guangming top in about 15 minutes, which will not affect my sleep the night before yesterday. At 5 o'clock the next morning, I went to Guangming summit to see the sunrise. I felt good.
  • MUMA1
    I'm quite satisfied. I can take a hot bath when I climb to the top of the mountain. How can I be comfortable. The multi person room is upper and lower berth, no bed number is arranged, and it is free to choose according to the order of arrival.
  • anniecpwong
    The location is very close to Guangming top and Xihai Grand Canyon sightseeing cable car. The location is good. There is no air conditioning in the room, but there is heating. The room is relatively small
  • brown bear
    The location is very good. It's very close to Guangmingding. It's very suitable for watching sunrise and sunset. If it's a two-day trip, this location is also very suitable. Most of the scenic spots are finished on the first day. The physical arrangement is reasonable. It's recommended
  • e00098910
    There is really nothing to say. The hotels in the scenic spot are just like this. They are expensive and poor
  • fang56
    The geographical advantage is obvious. In the middle of the front and back mountains, the conditions are general, which is similar to that of an ordinary two-star hotel, and the room conditions are also very general, but these are passable in the mountains. The worst thing is the service attitude of the hotel staff. It is really not generally poor, which is similar to the quality of the guest house
  • enjoy8888
    OK, it's very clean. We pack one room for each family. It's very convenient!