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The Baiyun Hotel (Baiyun Binguan) is located in the Tianhai Scenic Area of Huang Shan,  China's famous "Yellow Mountain". Surrounded by soaring peaks and wistful pines,  this mountaintop hotel backs onto Bright Summit,  one of the best spots to witness the majestic sight of the sun rising over the misty mountains. It's a sight that is well worth the early start,  and the morning chill is alleviated by thick down jackets available to all guests.[View Detail]

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  • sde023
    Very good location, the environment still. away from home is the national day, to have a warm place to stay good.
  • lemontree_cn
    Rooms beds or large, health is also good, easy to go everywhere on foot
  • amily_0630
    Hotel is a four star, a bit old, room was small.
  • bonmy1125
    Well Huangshan as long as accommodation, choose this hotel.
  • Aireddie
    I feel pretty good, there are slippers, kettle, hair dryer, and small soaps, glass, quilts are also very warm, but the toiletries, bath water is also very comfortable
  • bullman620
    Meeting venues surrounding environment
  • xt071121
    Yes, prices are slightly higher, but in no way on the Hill, Sunrise convenience, location, travel arrangements
  • ansengao
    Great location ... without seeing the Sun.
  • BiG19
    Very clean and tidy, room heater is great facilities!
  • e01152377
    Away from light top has 20 minutes walk. live of is log cabin, national during feel your, more than 1500 more standard between. dinner also your, potatoes silk to 50, tomatoes fried eggs 68. estimated usually will better. but has provides down jacket and heating equipment. sheets also clean. General clean also can. climbing Shi passing West hotel, that looks grade more high, estimated price also more high.
  • mercury678
    126 in mountain Shang only live more room bed, live has two late. first late and live with of soon became friends. second days for also to live, listening to waiter of in bed Shang left has points things, results night back Hou found things was threw to has door, himself of bed Shang put of is others of things, that gas Ah! asked with live of said not they threw of, and waiter also not morning clean health of that two a, asked not out a why, hotel to strengthening management Ah!
  • oceanid2
    Sunrise convenience, hotel has a down jacket, special needs to remind even the noodles did not sell on the Hill, how to eat well, money can't buy good
  • da4001ry
    Hill's price cannot reasonably be described as, heating works very well, the terrain is very nice and very quiet
  • lindaC
    Good location, once upon a hill or mountain can be on the day of arrival. facilities in General, but there is such a condition in Huangshan. quality of services in General. recommended occupancy.
  • aiai05217
    Location special good! to light top only 10 minutes away. morning 4 up, 4:15 Shang light top waiting for Sunrise, is convenient, views day of location also is good. is lucky, both see has Sunrise, and see has clouds, very spectacular. accommodation environment like is students Hostel of feel, mountain material not easy, such of conditions has is good has. Windows outside on can see clouds. for and I as idea of people, don't high requirements of people, recommended select. clean comfortable!
  • rex0730
    Room clean and tidy, no wet feeling on the first floor, hotel with down, heater is practical, location very good, AO Yufeng and light very close to the top, is near from the xihai Grand Canyon, Mount Huangshan is a good choice.
  • alex1865
    Room is relatively new, such conditions have been satisfied on the hills
  • a329145009
    Hotel location is very good, the light on top about 1 quarter of an hour, good health, toiletries 25 a voluntary consumer, do not need to bring your own. hot water is very comfortable, next time I will choose.
  • canjianlengyue
    From the light very close, watching sunset sunrise is very convenient, the new building had no WIFI. Mountain cold, heating, bang bang. and rooms have down jackets, estimated to be made available to guests to see the Sunrise, or very warm. in addition, climb one day a hot bath is very comfortable. The hotel does not provide toiletries, recommends reminding, in order to climb the burden, deliberately not brought up, so tragic.
  • littlefacedd
    From the light very close. get up early to see the sunrise. hotel facilities with the city surely could not reach. in the mountains, after all,. those porters really hard
  • clovers
    Baiyun hotel and the buffet was very good.
  • jenny Jingjing
    Not providing disposable toiletries, bring your own. Close to restaurants that exhaust fume smell good! Buffet 128 bit. 68 Yuan for breakfast one. foot bath on the first floor above a 150, please note, the waiter will keep saying, tell you how low wages and tips! The best bring down the Hill for breakfast the next day, hotel is located in a supermarket, yili pure milk a 10 Yuan, local tyrants can be ignored, of course!
  • Robertdu
    Hotel is located in Qian mountain, climbed to light top 15 minutes. Mountain Shang of hotel less, visitors more, so are must ahead of many days reservation, prices also your, see evaluation also thought is poor, has has psychological prepared, live in found also OK, set of is new floor of standard between, if is another a building floor also to go a road. room than smaller, has provides slippers, kettle, heater, but wash supplies to since with, bathroom are didn't distribution. from Hou mountain sat tramway Shang, after shixin went straight to the West Grand Canyon,And from bottom sat buried cable, go to hotel almost spent has 6 hours, clouds Hotel advantage is away from West buried cable at near, 15 minutes around, and are is flat road, once upon a mountain Xia also is near, go to welcome guest pine 2 hours, shortcomings is mountain basic full back luggage, shoulder too pain has. lucky of is see has Sunrise, Huangshan views must beauty, trip.
  • Andric
    Mountain hotel very good! although very expensive!
  • cnxgmwyg
    Say six is actually eight room downstairs restaurant supper table meal that can get 600 Yuan to two days rained all around amid the hardly any view but visitors still see many
  • e00176693
    Rooms are small but bright on top, dinner is too expensive
  • jeanslw
    Which is very nice
  • stellawang11
    Well, with opportunities for Huangshan mountain to live here again.
  • A when
    No toothbrush, no blankets, no air conditioning; there are towels, towels, blankets, down jacket clean! is the mountain along the way seem iconic, like Hotel Hotel!
  • dongj04
    Hotels in Baiyun scenic spot, good location, distances the light is close to the top, and overall was good, but because of environmental reasons, not wearing disposable supplies such as tooth paste and tooth brush, and did not know before, so no mountains, not very convenient.
    8 persons to a room is a bit crowded but then for a night is ok. The location is great as the last stop for the day tracking.
  • vivianbse
    And husband with with mother holiday of was wants to set tent of, feel about camping, but no set to, on set has standard between, due to mountain of room, so this price barely accept, said is four star, actually up not to, even toothbrush are no, fortunately himself with has, but room is clean, provides free using of umbrella and see Sunrise of down jacket, noise slightly poor has points, dinner slightly your has points. overall compared satisfaction!
  • e05748047
    Very comfortable, room heaters, Sunrise is also prepared with thick coats-
  • e01039600
    We live of is bed, because standard between too your has, 1000 around has, bed also a people more than 200 more, health is can't compliment, sheets not daily are for of, main is are to pick to mountain Xia wash finished again Dan up, but really of is dirty! cleanliness not into! most hate of is began row bed put we two a girls row to has boys district, toss to main building room, has is long, froze to death has, exasperating of is and for back original of 3rd, floor has, because is late has, bunk are didn't has, actuallyWe do the normal two persons is the one on top, two girls not conscious, one lower berth, despised! on bed guest a hotel front desk very dismissive way! really speechless! toilet taste surprisingly large, open unconscious!
  • coolbill
    Hotel location is very good, and watching the Sunrise is also convenient, reasonable price, and line-
  • avantgarde
    Live in bed, just like dormitories. watching the Sunrise is convenient location. quilt is very comfortable and warm.
  • arison
    Poor WiFi signal
  • milexixi
    Which is very nice
  • amorll
    General. watch the sunrise or climbing.
  • aatttt
    Very good location, fun increasing the street tramway up the mountain just after arrival, rooms are slightly small, food is not cheap, but hotels on the mountain has been very good, is the national day price giant high!
  • linjudy
    Began really can't compliment the room on the first floor, taste great; but later moved to the third floor. with breakfast room, but to say no and very poor front desk said travel problems, in short, a large distance from the four-star standard.
  • bagbai
    Except light top to watch the Sunrise, it is not recommended that, far from other attractions are special. rooms are not soundproof, shower odd small, does not provide toothpaste, toothbrushes, actually do not even provide bath, four-thousand Yuan
  • airsong
    Location is very good of, we from cloud Valley temple mountain, way to Shang after row cloud Pavilion to West Grand Canyon, again from bottom up walk several minutes on to has hotel. set of is new floor standard between, weekend, price than high. room facilities OK, intimate of hanging has thick clothes and umbrella, but we useless to, because second days weather very good. no elevator, but even is four floor also without climbed is long, room than smaller, bed is a meters of size. environment also is clean, general satisfaction's... Dinner is more expensive, lowest box 551, reluctantly. Huangshan district do not have instant noodles sold, you have to note to friends.
  • Andrew_Lee
    Mountain location, the hotel, equipped with a down jacket easy hiking to see the sunrise in the morning, although useless but still felt very intimate. facilities are not asking for too much, all things will be picked up from under the mountain.
  • xlxue
    Men and women separately, heating is to force!
  • naitel
    Should be the standard of four star hotel, close to the light can get up early to watch the Sunrise, is the bathroom need to pay 25 blocks, including toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel and shampoo ... ... If it is convenient better prepared
  • e00031344
    Hotels in hardware, bath water is very large, quilt is a little wave, breakfast very poor
  • bacuo
    Good health is good, warm service. stay there next time,
  • ldismyid
    Japanese-style wooden house well is no toiletries in the room, shower gel, shampoo at all.
  • lijing1625
    Last time Lord/f, this live on the first floor, away from the main building, yesterday, also the line to foot pain, but also lots of stairs to the room, so ! small standard room, without too much walking space. host health and comfort of the room, location in xihai Grand Canyon entrance.