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Sri Lanka for Chinese tourists from visa fee since August

Date: 2019-08-04

Policy is valid for 6 months.

Local time on July 31, the sri lankan government announced that from August 1, visitors from 48 countries such as China entry visa fees, policy is valid for 6 months, tourists can apply for 30 days in advance online free entry visa.

Located in the Indian peninsula on the southern tip of Sri Lanka is one of the important node, maritime silk road since ancient times there is "the east intersection".In recent years, as China's "neighbourhood" initiative, actively promote China to Sri Lanka a doubling of the number of tourist, from 120000 in 2014 to about 300000 m in 2018, although after serial bomb attacks, at present only 4000 visitors from all over the world every day arrived in Sri Lanka, but as Sri Lanka's tourism minister John amara tunga (John Amaratunga) puts it, China is the second largest market, tourism industry in Sri Lanka to China adopted a policy of free visa fee will increase the number of entry for Chinese tourists.

In fact, Chinese tourists favor in Sri Lanka, and "spirited away" has a lot to do.As earlier hayao miyazaki animation film "spirited away" cutback in China to Sri Lanka to find sea train, again by some Chinese tourists on the agenda.

This article from Galle (which) the train to Colombo (Colombo) of the sea, is the world's longest coastline railway, and reconstructed the picture of the "spirited away" : qianhe men sit side by side with no face, round the sun with long stone to piano music station of no. 6 is about to sink, red train along the yt sea journey north.

From vincenzo montella pooh (Mount Lavinia) to Colombo this nearly 20 minutes is the most close to the essence of the sea, doors and Windows wide open compartment is filled with the sea salt, must sit in the train the direction of the left, a little on one side of the head, your eyes, your heart is the endless fill the scorching sun of the Indian Ocean and South Asia.

Stilts Fisherman (Stilt Fisherman) is located in galle Koggala area, simple Fisherman sitting on the gallows, with no bait fishing rod, such as fish bait.

From Kandy (Kandy) to Mr Waller elie and the mountains of the train (NuwaraEliya) is completely different landscape, the train at an altitude of one thousand eight hundred meters, low tea garden and forest in passing by, solution Windows and doors like a picture frame, framed the charming mountain scenery along the way, sometimes the mist rising up, like walking on air.

Alpine Nine ways Kong Qiao (Nine Arch Bridge).Nine Kong Qiao in sinhalese semantic for "bridge" of the sky, 30 meters high, completely by cement and brick building, has been 200 years of history.

Train, on the mountains through the dense forest arrived at Mr Waller elie, like the "little England" in general, the temperature dropped to near zero degrees Celsius at night, in the room of Tudor, using electronic fireplace "fire", don't have a taste.

Sweeping up the degree of tea garden is Mr Waller elie and the mountains of the rich human landscape, tea plucking female along the tea bushes, from each branch skillfully picking tea.If loving Ceylon tea, there are many tea factory can visit, close understanding of Victorian drying, crushing, fermentation and drying process of tea.

Heady atmosphere, unknown flowers, suddenly came a downpour, and the sun shines again, beaming again, in the distant jungle and mountains, there are the ruins of the old and dilapidated temple, that was formerly the prosperous dynasties and conquered peoples left ruins - if the lack of the mysterious and ancient color, this place is not a very satisfactory east."

This is Mark Twain in the equator ", in Sri Lanka.If experience a Sri Lanka trip, you will be deeply impressed with his words.